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Full Name: Mulalo (Milo) Mapholi Date of Birth: 1990-10-06 Age: 22 Alias: Andy Peace (Formally known as Tronik) Webpage: Twitter: @AndyPeace_SA Facebook: Andy Peace Bio: Production Background Producing at an early age of 12, Andy Peace has been bubbling under for longer than a decade, with the experience and an ear to prove it. In his journey of evolution Andy Peace has had plenty offers to become a commercial brand, that will never leave the lips of his listeners and followers. He has been offered record deals from large stables such as More Music, Kalawa Jazmee and Muffin Music. Having worked with a couple of behind the scenes names, Andy Peace has learnt a lot in music production. Being taught music by industry top producer Kevin Leicher and completing 2 years of sound engineering,he is more than ready to become a bright light in the music industry. DJ-ing Background After building a strong musical background Andy Peace advanced his career in 2010 by adding DJ-ing to his portfolio.Andy Peace’s DJ career took a launch after playing at Cappello Ghandi Square and being one of Burnt Sushi’s event DJ’s. His unique mixing style is inspired by many DJ’s such as F.eU, Ricardo da Costa, Pablo Lundall, T- Deep, Lulo Cafe and DJ Kent. Andy Peace has played alongside numerous well known party DJ’s such as Vatos on Deck, Twins on Deck, Shluda, Major League, Stikz, Tymless Kultcha, Fixx the DJ, Electric Deep (Tin Tan, Budha & Deepsoul) and Pablo Lundall. Andy Peace’s DJ career took a launch after playing at Cappello Ghandi Square and being one of Burnt Sushi’s event DJ’s. As a self taught Andy Peace managed to rock dancefloors around Johannesburg; from hot clubs like Vacca Matta to relaxed venues such as Cappello’s and parties in Haartebeesport Dam. Andy Peace always deliversa mix worth moving too and his crowd crowd laps up the engery he brings. With his track selections of grooves Andy Peace is sure to enchant anyone who steps on the dancefloor. Genre: Deep House, Electro, Club, Dubstep, Tech, Chill out and Lounge Played at: • Carfax, • Vacca Matta, • Capital, • Bar 9, • Cappello (Ghandi Square & Timsquare Roodepoort), • Haartebeesport Dam, Stomp The Streets V2(Charity Event), • The Woods, • Emonti on Bree


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