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A New Way To Live Forever (ANWTLF) are heralding a fresh era in rock, stitching together elements of soul, pop, groove, balls, and emotion into one unified, original voice. While New Times Magazine has expounded on the group’s “knack for crafting smart tunes with catchy choruses that leave a lasting impression from the first time you hear them”, ANWTLF’s intensity can also be well be felt in their fearless riffs and 90s rock roots. Following right on the heels of their locally and critically acclaimed debut EP "Avalache" is the 2012 release of "Rumoura", which finds Florida's ANWTLF unleashing a set of groove-laden anthems hearkening back to a day when rock ruled the radio. The first single and video, ‘Til My Heart Stops Beating, speaks to the rawness of the band as well as their immediate attention to melody and hook. It is this song that brought the band to the attention of Civil Defense Music after receiving demos from band visionary and prolific singer/songwriter/guitarist, Russ Rogers. After tracking the band in Florida with engineer Jeremy Staska (Nonpoint, Poison the Well, New Found Glory) Russ flew to Los Angeles in Spring 2012 to complete the mixing of “Rumoura” with industry veteran and executive producer, Ed Goodreau. Comprised of the “best of” Russ’ previous musical endeavors, ANWTLF members include Phil Tucciarone (drums), Daniel Dyer (guitar), Steve Velez (bass). Collectively, the band has shared the stage with everyone from White Zombie to The Fixx, and with vast pools of influences from which to draw, ANWTLF represent what could be the future of rock as we know it, and “Rumoura” is their first large step in that direction. With another video single for Rumoura's second track "Balloon" in pre-production, and routes solidifying for regional and national tours in 2013, fans can expect to find the grunge-induced powerhouse that is A New Way to Live Forever making their mark on ears and hearts alike for the foreseeable future. SO, until you are able to catch ANWTLF live at a venue near you, make sure to check out the live-footage video of 'Til My Heart Stops Beating - it just might make you a believer.


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