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Hawkdream is a live instrumental band founded by Brian Brown, who is a talented musician from the UK. He creates some of the coolest spacey synth music out there! He started out in 2012 and so far has released over 17 Hawkdream albums. The music of Hawkdream has layers upon layers of diverse, spatial ambience. There is also some really cool Tangerine Dream elements interwoven at times. Anyone digging Kitaro or Vangelis will also dig this music! In our opinion, there seems to be an overall feeling of Nature flowing with the Earth as one, a true essence of serenity merging with the dark waves of time. AstroConnect. AstroConnect is Brian Brown (HawkDream) and Manny Leigh. Brian is located in the UK and Manny is in the US northwest, almost 5000 miles apart. AstroConnect is an electronic duo performing mostly ambient, some Berlin style and sometimes a little neurotic chaos for your listening pleasure. All AstroConnect music is recorded 100% live via the Internet no overdubs. We don't rehearse. We may have a simple idea and just get to it, maybe choose a chord progression. The recorded tracks are all improvised on the spot. Brian performs Synth Voodoo on his bank of synthesizers including a Roland Jupiter 80, Yamaha Motive 7, Motive 6, EX7, CS1X(x2). Manny primarily uses a Yamaha WX5 Wind controller and sometimes throws in some keyboard controller stuff, maybe some guitar, both midi and magnetic. Often it gets so deep that nobody knows who is playing what. It all just flows together into one great track. This is the essence of playing 100% LIVE half a world apart. AstroConnect started playing live in 2013, the tracks were limited to mono only, so some of the effects were a little weak. This was due to internet limitations and hardware deficiencies. In the summer of 2014 Manny added more hardware and worked out the process of recording in high quality stereo. AstroConnect hopes the sound is now up to your headphone listening standards. Please don't forget this is all recorded 100% live almost 5000 miles apart, that's why were called AstroConnect!


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