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I am a working full-time musician, teaching, performing, composing, recording and arranging, and my gigs in the last few years have included jazz combo, big band jazz, folk, Irish traditional, rock, soul, latin, klezmer, funk, orchestral, chamber, minimal techno, musical theatre and more, so, safe to say, I’ll have a go at anything. I'm a firm believer in demolishing boundaries between genres, cultures, languages and ultimately people, and Soundcloud is a terrific place where all this can happen. I'm excited by the community potential of Soundcloud and I actively support the work of the Soundcloud Community Team as they encourage and help you with your use of Soundcloud. I’ve found an amazingly supportive and creative community of like-minded people all over the world in the two years I’ve been using this site and I want to encourage more to join in. The more you put in to Soundcloud, the more you get out. We are seeing the old music industry's demise. Now anyone anywhere in the world with a phone can upload their music and be heard. No longer do the Taste Police stand between us and the music we want to hear. All over the world people are choosing to listen to unreleased, home-produced personal music. Who knows where all this will end up, but these are exciting times for musicians, and it's a privilege to watch and listen to it all happening here on Soundcloud.


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