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Composer, songwriter & producer. All instrumentals are free to download and use commercially. Read FAQs below for more information. Thinking of using one of my instrumentals but need specific changes e.g., looped part, longer, fade out? Let me know via the contact information below and I can edit the instrumentals to meet your needs. Enjoy. My name: David Hyde Contact: or... Facebook, YouTube, or SoundCloud message (email is preferable!). FAQs: Q: Do I have to ask for your permission to download (if download is available) your instrumentals? A: Nope. If I have put the instrumental's license under 'Creative Commons', that means you can download the instrumental without permission from me. Q: What does the 'Creative Commons' license actually mean? A: 'Creative Commons' license means you can download and use, however you want, without permission from the owner (me). 'Creative Commons' license can allow different and varied amount of rights to the public, e.g., when the license states so, you can even remix, cover, or build upon an instrumental itself if you wish. Full rights can be checked by clicking on the 'Creative Commons' icon when you click the title of an uploaded instrumental. Q: Does that mean I can use your instrumentals in a video or project that I wish to make money/profit financially from? A: If the license has allowed you to (which is 'Yes' to the majority of the instrumentals), then yup, it certainly does. You can't sell the instrumental itself, but you can use it in an advert, video, or whatever it may be, and still be fully legal in making money from however you've used the instrumental. Q: What if your instrumental is a cover or reinterpretation with no vocals of an existing, copyrighted song; can I still download it and it still be legal? And can I use that instrumental, sing over the top of it and make money from doing that; would I still be legal? A: Well, no; not really, as I don't own the full rights to allow the public to do as they please with the instrumental. Can you make money from it in any way? Absolutely not. This is where things get a little more serious. If I do not own the rights to the song, and you don't either, that means you have absolutely no rights to make money off someone else's work; unless they've stated otherwise. You must gain permission or obtain a license to make money from reinterpretation/cover instrumentals of copyrighted songs. Q: Some of the instrumentals aren't available for download; why is this? A: Popular instrumentals may peak their download limit (100 downloads) through SoundCloud, to which a link will be put in the information section underneath the music when the title of music has been clicked. If there is no additional link, an updated/longer/re-mastered/re-mixed will, most likely, be up on this profile, so be sure to follow to make sure you don't miss those updates. Q: Hold up. You're telling me I can download your instrumentals, feature it in an advert, project, whatever, to make profit/money from, AND get to do it for free? Where's the small print I'm missing here? A: No small print, and no secret conditions. The only condition for this whole thing to work is that you MUST give credit. For example, you've made a video on YouTube with an instrumental(s) of mine featured that you wish to monetise: Credit must then be given in an adequate form e.g., Music by David Hyde in the video it self as an annotation or in the video, or in the description of the video. Failure to give adequate credit for the music is in violation of the license, to which I hold the right to take the video down, or mute the video, unless you have consequently given credit. That's it. Any other queries, or want have a chat about anything related to (the) instrumentals, do contact me. Here's my contact information again: Contact: or... Facebook, YouTube, or SoundCloud message (Email is preferable!) Enjoy (again)!, David Hyde


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