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Moshiko Oknin & Meir Ben-Ami are the duo behind the Israeli dance project Deep Harmonic They produce: Dance . House . Electro & Pop music The duo has collaborated with leading artists Such us: KYD Offir Malol Epiphony. L.A. Guy Zigdon. Noy I-Zen .The duo released a number of track's in collections worldwide.. Today the duo is currently working on a debut album. Moshiko Oknin - 25 year-old from Kiryat Gat. composer, producer and keyboards. Graduate sound school at yoav gera. Meir Ben-Ami - 28 from Petah Tikva. guitar player keyboards and composer. Moshiko & Meir are good friends from the army who decided to join forces after they finish the army. Each one Come from different backgrounds in music completely. What creates their music developed & original . Today!!! after working with many artists.The duo working on a debut album. Stay Tuned!!!!!!


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