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OM or AUM is a sound, considered the original primordial creative expression, from which the universe manifested itself. It is said to be the sound that contains all the vibrations & sound scape. We live in a Digital Era, which is our present, it is also the way of our future. All technology works on digital encoding, signaling & programmes . Psychedelic Music is also made using softwares, digital programs & hardware that work on digital signals. Our releases has the sound that contains unique sounds and vibrations in a high voltage combination of futuristic elements all together as one, making it one very powerful sound language that has the energy to create an everlasting impact on all who rejoice in it. This is the language that binds the past, our present and the coming future. -------------- It all started back in early 2000’s when a bunch of close friends from Mumbai, India decided to venture out and find their true inner-selves by making a spontaneous trip to Goa and discover the then very underground Psychedelic Goa Trance movement taking place there and its awe inspiring effects spreading all over the Globe. Following this Trip among these bunch few came back with a life changing phenomenon that took place within them & began organising small private gatherings within the city and outskirts restricted just to a few close associates and their acquaintances. These magical adventures vaguely sowed the seeds & vision for wanting to spread this Experience onto others on a larger scale. After frequent such exploration trips to Parties & Festivals happening all over India and around the globe came a strong manifestation and realisation for one person wanting to spread this experience onto others on larger much professional scale with a very clear vision of promoting this misunderstood genre of psychedelic trance music and make people realise that this music & its dance culture truly stands for, exploring the unexplored with the permanent impact of love, oneness and unity it instils on those who experience it. The Present : Professionally started in 2006 Digital Om Productions is now an established name as a record label and dance music events organizer based out of India and Nepal. We are dedicated to promoting the best of Psychedelic Trance and it's sub-genres with an aim to entertain the fans and followers of this globally recognized and strong culture. Our first release came not before 2009 and since then there is been no looking back. Digital Om believes in common belief and acceptance for all religions & cultures. Thereby through these releases and gatherings we hope to create a unifying force through which we are all remain eternally connected and evolve together as one. The concept & vision behind the Label is to thread together the different elements of the psychedelic community through one common bond, good positive feelings being only the path to spirituality, the names that differentiate one from another will not be reason to separate us. We are constantly moving in search of all great spiritual living beings who are in a constant state of exploration, untouched boundaries sharing the passion of dance, music and the amazing journey it takes us all through. Love & Sunshine
, Team
 Digital Om !


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