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From his humble Flatbush, Brooklyn, New York beginnings to his current Northeastern College circuit tour DJ Spider has advanced to the forefront of the New York City party and club scene. Spider has an unprecedented ability to transcend the energy of any atmosphere which he and his turntables touch. A Midas touch, to say the least. He is a Universal DJ that can transition smoothly from Hip Hop to Reggae and any other musical genre he finds suiting for a world which he is in complete control over. He has conquered the New York City nightclub circuit with coolness unmatched in the world of professional disc jockeys. DJ Spider is the current College Club King/DaUnion DJ and dually New York City's very own, Urban Legend. Born with an amazing ability to understand music, DJ Spider has evolved into much more than a disc jockey or an entertainer. He has honed his skills and is also an accomplished producer. DJ Spider has shared his spotlight by giving opportunity to unsigned artists through mix tape features and sound production; always giving audiences foresight into the destiny of music. DJ Spider has extended his influence as a DJ on the mix tape scene, releasing countless mixes that have held DJ Spider in high demand. With a heavy distribution pattern that spans most of New York City, DJ Spider has carved a serious whole in the market place for his musical mix tapes. Selling out constantly, DJ Spider mix tapes are deemed street classics. As a promoter, DJ Spider, dubbed the business man, has packed out local clubs throughout New York City, and coordinated successful events that have marked him as a threat both on and off the turntables. DJ Spider is humbly climbing his way to the top with the grace of a conscious leader who respects the power music has given him. He only wishes to continue to add innovation, and create on the art form. DJ Spider has mastered a playing style that is matched by none. Playing the turntables and orchestrating arena size audiences into worshippers, DJ Spider casts a web that will keep party goers and music listeners hooked. He has traveled a tremendous road and still sees miles of victories on his road to tremendous success.


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