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Joran van Pol's Upcoming Gigs Sat 10 Sep, 16 Nazomeren, Groningen, Netherlands Powered by GigaTools Imagine the two heavyweights of electronic music both wanting to sign your debut EP, when you`re only 22 years old. Yes, this dream came true for Joran van Pol when he found out Richie Hawtin as well as Dubfire were equally impressed by his music. As a result, Joran consecutively signed EP's to Richie`s Minus and Dubfire`s SCI+TEC. This all happened shortly after Joranís track ``Untitled 2`` was signed to Minus12 and appeared on Richie Hawtin`s MixMag cover mount compilation. Both Hawtin & Dubfire open their sets with Joran's instant classic ``Faded`` on a regular basis and the list of well-established dj`s and producers (whom he considers to be his peers) that support him continues to grow. He keeps on sharing his music with people like Joris Voorn, Oliver Huntemann and many others, who all recognize his talent immediately. But it`s not only because of his efforts in the studio Joran van Pol is the one to watch. Joran`s track-record when it comes to dj`ing underpins his talent. His performances at Cocorico, multiple times at Awakenings, Barraca Valencia, Crobar Buenos Aires, Welcome to the Future, and many more are evidence of his proficiency in the DJ-booth. Surely all this praise and attention for Joran van Pol is not without reason. Extraordinary talent when it comes to dj`ing, impressive production skills and perhaps most importantly, his positive attitude are qualities why he finds himself taken under the wings of Richie Hawtin. It won't be long now until Joran van Pol takes the electronic music scene by storm himself. While 2013 was already a strong year, 2014 is set to be even bigger. So don`t let Joran out of your sight if you want to join him on his adventure


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