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JE|Just Entertainment is an independent Pop-Dance-Electronic record label based in Rome|Milan|London whose main activities are linked to musical entertainment. ALL DEMO TO // JE | Just Entertainment is an independent Pop-Dance-Electronic label. Since 2005, it has become one of the most proactive companies on the European music scene in the musical entertainment area. Established in the DNA of the company there is the scouting of new artists, the production of new musical contents and beyond. Thanks to the passion and ambitious vision of its Managing Director Sergio Cerruti and his team, JE is able to involve everyday new clients through music and entertainment. JE has specialized for years in the search and acquisition of music catalogs, as well as in the management of the rights resulting from their commercialization or exploitation. The team is made of young and creative people coming from companies in the music and entertainment sector, who take care of other related activities: Social Media Management and Video Distribution. JE is able to activate social plans and monetization programs finding solutions of content management and creating projects of every kind. Last but not Least, JE | Just Entertainment is… Tomorrowland, the biggest electronic music festival in the world. And never forget: JE is Music, Passion and Ideas !


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