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I can't concern myself with fitting in. I can only hope you give me a lil bit of your time. ..... My dream is to become a major influence in music. you may think why should i get your time? I believe I can change the lives of those who don't believe they can help themselves. I have a story to tell and I feel it can help others. Music changed my life and who I am. I was once bullied and never had the confidence to talk to people. I was a introvert never really trying to meet new people. I felt like everyone looked down on me. I thought what was the point of living. Music and a pen became my best friends. After listening to music more it changed my life.... Its like hearing that fun song made me forget I was sad. Artist like Eminem told me that any one can become more. Over time I wasn't afraid of being me. #KP3 Klide Pharrow #itZkp This is the music i make please give me a little time. ------> Full Bio SUMMER MIX OF MY FUN MUSIC SONG ABOUT LIVING BETTER PLEASE LIKE MY PAGE


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