Lawless Inc.

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The mission of Lawless Inc. is to secure a place in history as a major Label based out of Chicago. Our label does not get caught up into hype, gimmicks or propaganda. Instead, we focus on marketing, promoting and soliciting good music. Our label is not restricted by trends, we alternatively recognize good music. This leads CEO Larry (Larro) Wilson to the inherent meaning of Lawless Inc., "I wanted to create a label that consists of 'individuals' free to truly express themselves, ones that do not simply follow the trend or what they perceive at the current market's demand, but artists that are 'Lawless' in their thoughts and creativity, unbound or constrained by man-made laws. Here at Lawless, Inc. we create the standard, we do not follow it. Laws are revised and changed to accommodate us." We foster a mentality of free-spirited creativity, not bound by limitations or irrelevant outside influence. The individuals of our corporation fearlessly embark on the journey of true self-expression. Lawless Inc.


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