Liquid Space

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Liquid Space (Prog OnSyndicate,Germ./NightbaseMusic, Swizz) "New Liveset" Open for Bookings!!! Contact me here or Denny Seidewitz aka liquid space is ready to delight the dance crowd with his very own progressive trance style, which is comprising deep driving basslines, escorted by warm, never persisting melodies and surrounded by atmospheres which only can be created with long lasting experiences and excellent skills. his live set comes along as a mature production work, showing liquid denny's special penchants for a crystal clear and crisp sound and proving his patience for pedantic detail work in sophisticated arrangements. He has been producing trance music since 1998. Since then denny has been developing his own unique style and is getting more attention in the global trance scene. liquid space has played many events so far. fullmoon festival in germany, global underground in ireland, p1club in germany, firestarter in austria, metaSphere in ch, nachtwerk club in germany. Actually Liquid Space is working on is second album work which is going to be released on ....? :-)


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