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Welcome to my channel! I'm a self-taught producer striving to become better at it. Although I've come a long way, I've got much longer to go. I remake instrumentals for songs that I'm obsessed with so please don't request for me to remake songs. Although giving credit/shout-out isn't required to use my instrumentals, it would be greatly appreciated :) My goal with this channel is to create a community where you guys can view each others covers using my instrumental and help give feedback and get each other a few views! No, I'm not a professional with Ableton Live, I just like making content with friends and other cool people who like to make content too. It has been about 4 years of on and off learning by myself when I have free time which is rare. I have limited knowledge of producing music, so please give constructive criticism so I can make my instrumentals sound better for all of you. Thank you, and enjoy :)


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