Matt Wilson

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"fresh-faced Matt may be, but he delivered a set more confident and accomplished than a lot of musicians with more miles on the gigging clock" Matt Wilson Singer / Songwriter Girvan/South Ayrshire With unique and mellifluous vocals on uplifting songs boasting an indie swagger, Matt Wilson creates the perfect folk-pop fusion, cushioned by the lush, velvet sounds of his guitar. Hear his music and you listen to the happy endings of one thousand Michael Cera films. His flirty but gentle acoustic arrangements are imbued with a maturity and talent that belie his youth. Importantly, they have more hooks than an angling convention organised by the former New Order bassist. Playing his own songs and covers of the more listenable tracks of the last three centuries, this young tunesmith may not yet be THE flower of Scotland, but was certainly plucked from God’s own garden of sonic delights. Think of a young Jeff Buckley, with the jingle-jangle loveliness of Turin Brakes and you wouldn’t be too far off the aural sensations of Matt Wilson and his soundscapes. And he smells nice. i'd like to thank all my friends and family for supporting me in my music and lets hope this is the point where it all takes off!


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