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Hi I'm Bob Moore, I started out singing in the sixties, joined a group called the(images) We played mainly youth clubs weddings and socials. Later I met with other music people, we formed (the Jeeps) and later (our plastic dream) we released a couple of singles on a small label, they didn't do too much. I didn't pursue a music carreer after I got married, just kept it as a hobby. I play guitar a bit and bought a piano in my thirties and taught myself to play by ear just mainly chords and a few fill ins, then went on to keyboards. I'm now in my sixties and recently puchased a Yamaha Tyros 4 keyboard worstation. It has revitalised me into producing music once more. I like to sing mostly 60s songs as that was my era, but somtimes I like to give the songs a different arrangement and be a little original. I quite often now download a backing track if it sounds good..! It saves me a lot of hard work, and I am primarily a singer. I still love to do my own music on my keyboard and now I have started collaborating with other musicians and producers I will now do more true keyboard playing. I am now starting to write original songs and will probably pursue this more now I have time. I am willing to consider collaborations from other writers out there!! The beauty of the Tyros4 is that it has many built in sequencies and effects, that can be manipulated. allowing me to produce quite complicated arrangements. It also has a multitude of instument and vocal voices for me to call up . Hope you enjoy some of my contributions.


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