Nahchey Storer

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Founder and President of Dash Entertainment, DJ Nahchey has established himself as one of the preeminent DJs in the special events, party and club scenes. Having cut his DJ teeth in the club world, Nahchey continues to translate that same vibrancy, hipness and of-the-moment-ness to the special events world. Known for his open-format mixing, Nahchey combines precise technical skills with spot-on taste in music to spin seamless blends that build, sustain, peak, soothe, and elevate the energy of a dance floor. With his cutting edge taste and spot-on curatorial ear, DJ Nahchey digs deep across the genres to play tracks that are never stale but always surprisingly fresh. Whether you are hearing a song for the first time, or hearing a remix of an oldie but goodie, DJ Nahchey contextualizes his playlists to soothe the listener with familiarity even as they are hearing the most cutting edge track. This is his special gift, and it has seduced even the biggest wallflowers onto the dance floor.


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