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Hybrid Trap / Dubstep / Bass music Dj Producer Contact/Booking : Labels @ouroborosrecords (FR) @dropcentral (US) @insync-records (UK) with @thetrapagency @hybridtrapmusic Support by : @todiefor2d4 @niveau-zero Join me : Biography : Nightbird is a young artist, french DJ Producer of 25 years old. He started in the world of music (singing and playing guitar) by Nu Metal with influences as Linkin Park and Bring Me The Horizon. He will only dash into electronic music in 2010 by the organization of parties called « Underground » in which he will play a style more like Electro-Trash / Dubstep. He will be then to the initiative of parties in Lyon (FR) as Boat N' Beats in which his music appears beside artists like Habstrackt, Belzebass, Dead Cat Bounce... We also find him in other events with great artists like Dope D.O.D or ShockOne. Slowly noticed, he'll be present at several festivals and parties around the country , but he'll continue the organization of his own parties. It's in 2014 when he dashes into the creation of his first EP which is inspired by all his diverse influences. So guys, if your heart hesitates between rock and bass music Nightbird is made for you.


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