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Steven Moore also known as FADE was born in Dayton Ohio in late December 1990. His parents splitting up caused him to move to Reading, Pennsylvania with his brother and father in 1996. After growing up in the slums of Reading for 6 years, child services came and forced him and his brother to move with there mother back in Springfield, Ohio. FADE became a skateboarder and really had no plans on even becoming a rapper. Then in 2009 he nervously stepped up to the microphone and recorded his first verse ever... It was horrible lol, everyone joked around about it and nobody knew he would end up getting his flow and style down. He went thru the entire gangster phase as everyone does then finally said, "This isn't me." A few months later he was skateboarding with his friend Mike Owen, they were kind of showing off and started saying "Take Notes" to everybody. FADE almost instantly incorporated it into the music and turned everything up a notch. Joe Quisenberry messaged him on Facebook one day asking to be his manager. From there it turned up another notch. Since then FADE has released 2 mix-tapes, "Clever Words" and "F.A.D.E", and are also in the works for "Ohmerika" EP dropping on iTunes in September. We hope you enjoy the music as much as the next person and hope you help us continue further our careers. Thank you all for listening.


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