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IG: dredremusic Andre Barney was born in Atlanta, GA in 1993. Raised in Stone Mountain, GA, he noticed he was always different from the other kids in his class. His interests were always in the arts, he even acted in two commercials by the age of ten. Early on, he studied superstars like Michael Jackson and Usher; and this would give him his first push into the musical world. His first ever recorded song came in 2008 with producer Bryce JB Thomas. The song was entitled "Swag Star" and Dre gave himself the name "Mowgie Phresh". The next year however, Dre changed his name to Dre Charms, due to his self-proclaimed ability to easily charm whomever he wanted. Before entering college, Dre attempted to make music with his best friend as the producer and things didn't sound as good as he originally planned. Not discouraged, Dre graduated from high school and entered college to study his craft and built his skills over the years with determination and hard work. He met Grammy award winning producer Troy Taylor(the man behind Trey Songz) and that's when he became a mentee of the producer and learned the ropes of songwriting. He wrote songs everyday in order to try to really understand the craft. Once in college he started producing, writing, engineering, and singing everything on his own in order to be more efficient. He created "Don't Judge A Mixtape By Its Cover" and "the Canvas" in 2013. In 2014, he released a short project entitled "Unerasable" and in the summer of that same year released his first album on iTunes entitled "Alive". Later that year he released yet another work entitled "Art Imitates Life Imitates Art". Dre graduated with his degree in Music Technology in May of 2015 and released "After College". 6 months later, he released "22". In 2016, Dre started professionally songwriting and producing for other artists while still leaving time for his own work. -2016.


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