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"Show em that my sounds kill, Kamen rider (Echo Shawty)" A producer from another side of hip hop/rap. I originally never saw myself being a producer but after being inspired by my big homie and long-time homie, I got into the world of producing. I also wanted to bring a new genre of hip hop and put it onto the map. There are other artists who rap about similar topics but I feel like I have the potential to be the best out of all of them, if not one of the best. Musically, I'm influenced by multiple genres so much that I came up with my own. Instrumental-wise, I would call it either "Fusion Music" or "Alternative Trap Music". The melodics feel like elevator music, followed by a round of xylophone-strikes mixed with the attention-grabbing, body-flinching kicks and its wrapped altogether in a series of chains known as "Nerd-Rap". There's way too much of the same thing out there. It's either drugs, sex, or turn up music. Since my life doesn't consist of any of those things, I thought it would be cool to rap about elements that most would find "odd". It all started with a keyboard and a synth years ago....and here we are. This is "Nerd Rap/Alt.Trap Music" and this is a jimmy beat, shawty. :D Enjoy.


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