02 Oceans.

02 Oceans

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PJ is in a good mood and Ed recalls last time when they played in Switzerland in a very small place with no amps and how cool it was. The "Mamasan trilogy" is performed and explained as follows: "The next three songs ... we've never really played them together, but they go together. You wanna hear about it? I never told anybody about this before. I don't wanna ruin any interpretations of the songs that you have, but it's about incest and it's about murder and all those good things. And if you can picture it in your mind, the third song takes place in a jail cell so this is our own little mini-opera here ..." and 'Alive' is played. The second song of the trilogy, 'Once,' has a lead in: "What you did to me, ain't right ... problem child ... cuz I ain't crazy. Once upon a time ..." and Ed screams into a raging 'Once.' And just before "Footsteps,' "So this is act three." 'Shower the People' is a James Taylor cover. 'Brass in Pocket,' is a Pretenders song with the lyrics revised a bit. ("I'll kick the fuck outta you ... I don't give a fuck.") Ed refers to 'Suggestion' as, "... the same song my dad used to sing to me when he beat me." A great show featuring an excellent version of 'Porch.' http://www.fivehorizons.com/tour/cc/t1992.shtml


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