Another Blue Day ft Paul Otten.

Another Blue Day ft Paul Otten

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Another Blue Day (Charles P Hurowitz - ASCAP) (Verse 1) Haven’t slept for a month now My eyes don’t wanna close I see you lying next to me As if it were reality I know I should be movin’ on But I’m not very far along (Chorus) Oh another blue day Oh it’s a blue day With my heart in recovery My brain stuck on a memory Time moves slowly by On a blue day (Verse 2) To err is human Forgiveness is divine But after all my big mistakes Why should you act like a saint No answer on the telephone Are you there but not alone (Chorus) (Bridge) When you needed me I was somewhere else Only a fool wouldn’t see Just how you felt (Instrumental) (Verse 3) Take it one day at a time That’s what people say Every day I try again Put on the smile and pretend Someday I’ll get over you Till then everything looks blue (Chorus) On a blue day On a blue day


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