Asshole Ft. Andy Biersack.

Asshole Ft. Andy Biersack

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A man convicted of battery is on the run tonight Ronald Radke, was found guilty for his role in the death of 18 year old *censored* Falling In Reverse and former Escape The Fate vocalist, Ronnie Radke was arrested in Glendale, CA in an alleged domestic dispute with his girlfriend The leader singer of that band got a little wild and crazy This is near where the shooting happened more than two years ago I got an insane posse, we ain't clowns though I ain't a juggalo buddy, I was fucking Juggal-hoes Yeah, maybe it's in my nature cause I never wanna date her But she's like a shot of vodka cause I always gotta chaser What's the fucking problem with a one night stand? I'm never gonna settle down, you need to understand And let me keep it simple I'm officially stable, and I won't miss you, here's some tissue, I got issues, believe me And I always see my mommy in every woman I meet (why?) Well I hate my fucking mother, motherfucker it's weak (fuck you) So please believe me I'm a needy, insecure fucking freak And it ain't easy or as dreamy as you thought it would be (check it) Took her out to dinner (yeah), went and tried to kiss her (okay), opened up my eyes the fuckin' bitch was checking Twitter (what?) Ladies, I ain't tryin' to be rude but, I'll never date a bitch who Instagrams her fucking food (eww) [Andy Biersack] Oh, I lost my fucking mind It happens all the time Cause I can't stand myself, I'm an asshole, baby Oh, I'm fashionably late I'm the one you love to hate Cause I can't stand myself, cause I'm an asshole, baby I was up in the scene in mid-2006 I was automatically labeled as a goddamn prick I go to prison and get out and then I'm back at it I ain't afraid to go back, better watch that lip But the music nowadays always sound the same But it's pretty fucking lame what you fucking lames claim to be real music And you gotta feel stupid to be still choosin' to abuse the privilege, and you still use it? Lately all you bands do the same damn shit, same breakdowns, snare, kick, and lame ass riff And everybody still fucking the same lame damn bitch, that comes to every show, showing her fake ass tits But not me, I'm on a whole other planet And I'll be damned if I sit back and let this fucking shit happen I'm an assassin, with that music and fashion When I cash out, no back tracks, I stack racks, I cashed in [Andy Biersack] [Ronnie and Andy] Alright everybody on the fucking ground right now Andy, here. (Alright) You all are going to fucking die Fuck you, fuck your tweets, fuck everything about you Social media, my fucking ass *Shooting and laughing* I'm an asshole, baby Last but not least, I wanna thank my fans The best damn fan base a band could have To show appreciation for how grateful I am, here's a mic stand, take it home to your dad I got arrested for a crime that I didn't commit And I never beat my girlfriend, she's a goddamn bitch man The truth is she was pissed I broke it off, so what she did was calculate a plan to hurt me any chance she could get (damn) Fuck it, her plot didn't work (nope) The jig is up and everybody knows it's berserk All you tough guys and wise guys, gangsters on that WiFi, are bitch made in your real life, in real life, I will fight And just because I rock them skinny jeans and a belt, don't mean shit motherfucker I'll knock your ass out for real Cause I'm pissed off, I'll piss on anybody cause I spit raw I split jaws, I'm hip hop, I'll Nicholas Cage your face off [Andy Biersack][x2] [Ronnie and Andy] Welcome to the fucking mixtape, 2014 and beyond Me, Ronnie Radke and a whole bunch of other crazy mother fuckers (Andy Biersack, haha). You don't like it go fuck yourself *laughs* Now kids, it's just a fucking joke. Relax


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