Bang Bang (Feat. G-Eazy).

Bang Bang (Feat. G-Eazy)

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    Dominic Burkhart - 2016/10/19 12:30:55

    bottles all on my table

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    jake_hawkins13 - 2016/10/18 20:13:29

    bang bang bang

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    Cam. - 2016/10/06 03:12:21


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    Bryceadcock - 2016/10/05 04:35:30

    this beat though

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    jz1610 - 2016/09/30 17:27:30

    fuckin right this dope

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    jz1610 - 2016/09/30 17:26:09

    this dope

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    EslΔm R🍕G∞7a - 2016/09/03 03:00:50

    @elenany98: bang bang

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    Peter Chutoransky - 2016/08/30 01:35:17

    BEAT is so hard

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    Lance Russell - 2016/08/23 20:52:10

    this shit is lit

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    Emily Gomez - 2016/08/21 14:48:34

    Bang Bang😍

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    User 838004838 - 2016/08/14 03:00:39

    Good song!!!!!!

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    Adam Maguire - 2016/08/09 12:31:56

    imma tare down

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    weUp - 2016/07/26 23:04:39


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    Shanet Cadthuz - 2016/07/06 15:14:46

    g eazy is the real fire here

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    Tristan Jackson - 2016/06/21 19:45:23

    bro sit down.



Bang Bang (Feat. @G-Eazy) Produced by @KDEProductions Mixed by @KDEProductions Mastered by Glenn Schick Art by John Liwag LYRICS: [Intro] Marty Grimes KDE on the boards, I see you boy This shit is just so Ignorant So fuckin' Ignorant [Verse 1: Marty Grimes] VIP bottles all on my table My niggas with me, we sippin' up I got bad chicks and they able, these fools ain't hot or cool as us Its stallions all in my stable, I'm screaming out "fuck a label" Cause it's dollars all in my pocket And I'm living life like I'm famous, you know I stay high, yeah I'm racking up on my air miles She raise it up, I'mma tear it down Got the party poppin', I'm here now Got Kev with me, Phil with me Beaucoup bottles, takin' shots of Henny Joint lit, I got Rasta in me These dudes fake, they deserve an Emmy Clique full of RNs that go in, no penetration Young fly nigga what I'm demonstratin' Don't cuff your chick she need ventilation, breathe No suffocation on my side, I'm on cloud nine in a high rise And that European how I ride, deceased [Pre-Hook: Marty Grimes] See me coolin' with my crew and no one new To the point where we do anything we wanna do We be deep to every party when we rollin' through In that old school, thought you knew [Hook: Marty Grimes] x2 Four 12's in the trunk gon' bang, bang, bang Y'all already know my clique gon' bang, bang, bang Y'all already know this beat gon' bang, bang, bang Y'all already know that we gon' bang, bang, bang We gon' bang, bang, bang [Verse 2: Marty Grimes] Find me riding through your streets My beat loud, my windows down Chunkin' deuces up to my peeps, I'm getting money and they wonder how Big faces I'm touching now to yo chick city I'm flying out Fly me out and I put it down then we blow a pound before the second round See, I'm the boss of this town Young king of the city like "where is my crown?" No joking around, if you're talking about money then I hear you out Bitch I'm balling, Spalding, Mike Jordan In my nudies, belt Louis and that two piece Ralph Lauren Some call me cocky, shit I ain't tripping, that might be true But check the whip while I'm sliding through And I dropped the grip on these Nike shoes I ain't even on but I'm signing boobs She ain't know I rap, just think I'm cool Cause I smoke trees, roll deep Rage all night and get no sleep [Pre-Hook] [Hook x2] [Verse 3: G-Eazy] Let's take 'em back, '06, four 12's just to make it slap Beat knocks like we had gorillas in the back Every day same shit just listening to Mac Dre Go to the lab just to make a clap If I don't fuck with y'all I don't shake or dap Everytime I rap now I make a stack, and everytime you rap now I take a nap Playboy from the Bay boy, ain't shit changed but the clothes fit now Always sell out when my show's in town Marty this beat go, your shit pound He's heating up, he's on fire, his shit's hot, go hose it down You're not on my level, bro sit down I rep for the Bay and I holds it down, listen (shwoop) It ain't no one new in my crew Been down since tall tees when Marty would come through after school Now this shit bang, this shit bang Might get a gold tooth, just one fang Rapper pulling hoes like he R&B sang Come from the Bay, still speak that slang Eazy [Hook X2]


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