Bimas - My Desire (Original Mix - Snippet) Noir Music.

Bimas - My Desire (Original Mix - Snippet) Noir Music

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    ℳarcboogie - 2014/05/09 13:15:25

    BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TRACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • pikabob photo avatar
    A.G.O - 2014/05/05 06:59:11

    magic trance

  • pikabob photo avatar
    Deeper.Mind - 2014/05/01 11:52:32

    Simply wonderfull, bravo Bimas.

  • pikabob photo avatar
    DjKapa - 2014/04/27 14:33:16

    great track !

  • pikabob photo avatar
    A2A Official - 2014/04/24 18:53:36


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    Jens O - 2014/04/24 18:25:00

    #DOPE! <3

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    dj 13baktun - 2014/04/23 17:07:32

    Loving this beat!!!

  • pikabob photo avatar
    Donia Amara - 2014/04/23 12:41:31

  • pikabob photo avatar
    bonanno - 2014/04/23 02:34:40

    no vocals pleeeaaase!!! stop trying to make pussies wet...powerfull track becomes peace of shit...

  • pikabob photo avatar
    Nadia Rehman - 2014/04/23 02:13:14


  • pikabob photo avatar
    JONAS BERGMANN - 2014/04/23 01:14:06

    Groovy beats!

  • pikabob photo avatar
    soundealers - 2014/04/22 21:38:33

    sweet !!! nice groove !!!

  • pikabob photo avatar
    Zachary Kiss - 2014/04/22 20:11:16

    I like the mid range bass melody

  • pikabob photo avatar
    lukedavidson. - 2014/04/22 19:44:14




2nd edition of the TRX EPs is here and delivers 4 extremely groovy tracks. Bimas, Dataworx & Nic Vetter, Raxon, Pele & Shawnecy and Federico Locchi makes sure this 2nd edition got the power, quality and diversity that we love on Noir Music. From raw and well-crafted tech grooves to the more epic soundscapes – this EP has got something for all moments of the night. The tracks have of course been carefully picked out, dancefloor tested and put together to make a complete, well rounded and high quality package. Dive in and find your favourite. 01. Bimas – My Desire 02. Dataworx & Nic Vetter – She Stared In Confusion 03. Raxon – Badcave 04. Pele & Shawnecy – From The Soul 05. Federico Locchi - Nebulosa Feedback// Noir TRX Vol'2 Mihalis Safras “proper tunes” TAPESH “yes ya will try tanx tapesh” Samuel Bailey “ace stuff” audio tonic “loving My Desire, From The Soul and Nebula, weapons! happy to be a part of this :)” Compuphonic “My Desire is my fav! Thanks for this” Marc DePulse “Very deep package... like them all... Bimas, very nice... but.... well! RAXON!!! WHAT A BOMB !!!! Wooooooow. There ́s not only a hotel in Dubai which deserves 7 stars - also this track in my opinion!” Nikola Gala “Nice package !!! thanks.” Kevin Over “finest selection! my favorite on first listen is "badcave" from raxon!!” BRUNO FROM IBIZA “nice groovy tracks” anja schneider “really like Dataworx” Tim Cullen “Lovely, thanks!” Roberto Palmero “Thanks for the music I like as usual i will play this V.A” FreakMe “Thanks for The EP, my favorite track is Nebulosa! support! ;)” Hollis P Monroe “Diggin' this pack. From The Soul is THE SHIZZZZ and She Stared In Confusion has my head bobbin' as well...” laurent garnier “another lovely release on the label” favourite track: Nebulosa rating: 4/5 Dan Noel “Dataworx track sounds really good! Thanks a lot” Brett Johnson “"Stared In Confusion" is great...followed by "From the Soul" wavs?” Martin Thompson “Noir music is back on it again. Really like the last 2 releases that I've been sent. My Desire, Bad Cave & Nebulosa are the stand out tracks for me here.” wehbba “Rax on top of it! Also great tunes from Bimas, Pele & Shawnecy and Federico Locchi, this EP is a good selection of some of my favorite producers right now.” Piero Pirupa “nice TRX...will play some!!” Graeme Park “I love it. Very cool grooves.” Julio Navas “Really underground, but really good. Nice vibes inside.” RIVA STARR “quality!” f AFFKT “Another superb release by Noir music! thanks” Oliver Schories “Very nice. Thx” Ramon Tapia “badcave is ace !” NiCe7 “Pele & Shawnecy here, but the whole release is great!! tnx for the great music!” Sebastian Davidson “Another very useful great collection! Thanks!” Kruse & Nuernberg “Nice techy tracks!” Ison / Actor One/ NON Radio sessions “Nice tracks here! I like My desire and Badcave” Fraser Owen “Right up my street! Hard to pick one as all are superb.” Atnarko “Ruff and tumble EP ! Nice :)P” karotte “federico locchi again. bimas and datworx are also great. thanks for the music” Dan Stritch “Great ! Downloading for Felix !” Matthias Meyer “Nebulosa is really nice. Thank you!” David Keno “nice release. will play "my desire" and "from the soul"” Marcus Sur Goethbunker Club “Superb release. Love the track by Raxon and Federico Locchi.” Djuma Soundsystem “Killer tracks from Raxon, Pele & Shawnecy and most of all Federico Locchi!!! <3” mistersmith “wow the summer has landed” Sam Farsio aka Socio Robots “Some really great bombs... Badcave is a monster! Full support.” Timo Garcia “love the first track” Nick Daring “Bimas for me thx!” Behrouz “Down loading it. thanks” Ian Carey “perfect pack, my support” Copyright “VERY COOL. My desire and She stared the ones for us....full support :)” Topspin & Dmit Kitz1 “raxon tune is very cool!” MAGILLIAN - HUSH RECORDZ “Top as usual full support” viton “bimas kicks ass. federico locchi + dataworx pretty good....” Loko “Very good tracks, I'll try, support and thanks.” MSMS “Great EP! Badcave, From The Soul and Nebulosa are our favs! Thanks!” Sabb “really digging!! will play” gel abril “love bimas works full support!” Darlyn Vlys “Great Package Raxon & Frederico Locchi are for me :)” namito “good trax! somehow special, especially nebulosa!” wally lopez “excellent tunes!!” George Santas “Another Great Ep...groovy !!!” ATFC “good stuff” Audio Junkies “So hard to pick a favorite, but Federico Locchi and Bimas tracks work the best for me, thanks” Dimitri Nakov “Hard to choose a fav as all the tracks sound ace. Supporting” Doomwork “Bimas & Pele win,thanks!” favourite track: My Desire rating: 4/5 Sasch BBC 1 “super nice compilation! thx” Nick & Danny Chatelain “great package” Ramiro Lopez “nice VVAA, will play some of them. Thankss” Alican “very nice selection of tracks, raxon is my fav. thank you!!!” Shivas “loving badcave!” f Alan Bergmann “Amazing sounds!!! Full Support. Thanks” Franco De Mulero “As always quality! Massive support” Kiss FM Ukraine “Thanks, will support Badcave!” Calin “Killer package guys, will support for sure. Thank you.” James Jackson “From the soul for me, but sick EP overall!!” Compact Grey “Yeah! Pele & Shawnecy for me - great tune, full support!” Niklas Venn “very nice release ,thanks” Laurent N. “A top Various Artists, once again on Noir Music. Top stuff by the artists. Will play & FULL SUPPORT !!!” Sender “Fantastic release! Support! Really highlighting My Desire, Badcave, From The Soul, Nebulosa as my fav! but All the tracks are playable and gonna hype any dancefloor” Edoardo Carlucci “Very nice package!! Like them all more or less. My Favorite is: From The Soul really like it. Thanks Chris Gruber “Only for "she standed in confusion"! Nice track! thanks...” Antonis Karagkounis “massive” Audiowhores “My Desire sounds like the one... thanks!” Linos “Support from Greece!” Seamus Haji “Will DL & listen properly thanks” favourite track: My Desire rating: 3/5 Le Gammeltoft “Nice” social matt 1 “dataworx track is perfect dancefloor!” John Jones “WICKED!!!!!” favourite track: My Desire rating: 5/5 Paul Manzon “Nebulosa for me ! Thank you !!! xx” Adam “Some cool stuff thanks! Can you please send WAV's to Atapy “will try these, thanks!” nolan kane “Every track on this has my full support... LOVING IT!!!!!!!” Coyu “My Desire sounds veeery phat. Nebuloso could be a bit trancy/proggy but I'm gonna download it, you never know how far a party can go :D Great pack!” reboot “pele & shawnecy track !!!!” M.in “bimas and pele & shawnecy for me!” Taras van deVoorde “nice!!” Dayne S “From The Soul is my favorite here, thanks!” Martin Ikin “Badcave is the cut for me on here. Cheers.” Beatchuggers “Great EP, Will play out !!” Dj T “thank you for the music!” favourite track: My Desire rating: 4/5 Rick Air “cool. thanx” Bill Fragos “solid!” Edu Imbernon “Nebulosa = WOW”


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