Blood Registers (The Mixtape).

Blood Registers (The Mixtape)

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Blood Registers Base Tacks: #10 4:02 (0:00-4:02) Darkly Into Me 3:39 (4:02-7:41) Delusions of Illusion 6:39 (7:40-14:19) My Gilded Cage 15:19 (14:19-29:48) #7 6:40 (29:50-36:30) Speed Freak Robot 20:13 (36:30-56:43) Hallucinating Hell 11:45 (56:46-1:08:31) My Gilded Cage (Reprise) 5:42 (108:31-1:14:13) BLOOD REGISTERS (THE MIXTAPE) LYRICS: #10: *NO LYRICS DARKLY INTO ME (Inspired by the novel A Scanner Darkly by Phillip K. DIck): Clear the cobwebs, Nothing Changed, Nothing New, Now I’m deranged Have no clue, I was trapped, Trapped by fear, Inside me Society, I Can’t breathe free, Until I broke, Broke the lens To much smoke, To much coke, Shoot speed, What do I need? Shoot heroin, Fight terror and, Now this dark world, Where I now dwell Strange things unfurled, This living hell, I small things of, Twisted Beauty Days and night of, Straight insanity, Quick flash of love, Or Diluted Evil muted What does cam-ra, What does it see, Clearly Into, Into me See intention, See the courage, Or does it see, See so darkly Into me, See my action, See my sins, See so darkly Where I’ve been, I no longer, See into, My dark heart My dark mind, What would I find, In my mind, Clearly Darkly Into me, If it sees me, The way I do, Then I’m cursed, Cursed and screwed I’ve been used, I’ve Been abused, So I see, Only Darkly Into Me DELUSIONS OF ILLUSIONS: Where’s this Heaven? I don’t wanna leave. x3 Liar Liar, Your naked hips on fire Sick twisted, Fate of hidden desire Wicked mate, Why hide love with hate? Insecure delusions- Interupt our sacred fusion Spinning Spinning, unsychronized illusion In and out, fuck away confusion Let go Let go, No need to know This story, We tall for show Freedom Freedom, We lock ourselves away Candles Candles, Illuminate the shut away day Don’t ignite the light, shake fright of night Terror Terror, Our lies fog up the mirror Polish Polish, To see a little bit clearer Cracked Warped, The identity we create A fairy tale, Our story beyond debate Taboo Rosa, But genetics define the slate Cancer Cancer, delusional search for answers Kill it all away, With the angry words we say Lover Lover, Why do you duck for cover Yet hover over, attempt to stay sober Borderline psychotic, This girl who was so exotic Blackmail Blackmail, The blackened heart sees love fail Despised by god and man, Abusing the other damned Pull me in this hand, Can’t see the shore of land Where’s this heaven, I don’t want to leave Delusions of illusions, Who is it who’s deceived Filter this solution, and shoot it inside me Self-righteous retribution, The twisted tales we weave Delusions of illusions, Who is it who’s deceived? MY GILDED CAGE (ORIGINAL VERSION): Inside- all alone, Alone- with only me, Lonely- as can be Shades sure- look like bars, When it’s- just us three, Or are- there maybe four Their pound-ing at the door, Freeze stay- perfectly, Quiver-ingly still So kill-the lights, Noises- through the wall, Fade down- fade down the hall Eavesdrop- on my own head, Why won’t- they leave me be, Para-lyzed in bed Inside- so cozy, Always- fear the outside, Dark rain- and voices nosey Nowhere- to run and hide, Away- throw they key, Break off- in the old lock Don’t seem-to fit to me, Just wish- I could sleep, Sleep and- Never wake I know- they’re listening, I know- they’re watching, I hear- them talking x2 Roll back- back and forth now, Cold sweat- comes dripping down, Down my- flaming brow Hot and- Sick under this, Cold and- naked outside, Guts wrench- in a knot now Shaking-roll to the side, Wretch and- start to cry, As I-shit myself As my- health dies, Raped by- myself, Raped by- my disease Raped by- the needle, I’d die-for a cool breeze, Alone- cold and empty Pray for- brief reprieve, Away- locked by sickness, Can’t say- I didn’t know Can’t stay- still with all this, Shaking- for one last kiss, Waking- but never slept Can’t move- so I wept, Just wish- I could sleep, Sleep and- Never wake I am- so very sick, I am- so very weak, Raped by- my disease x2 White walls- all around, What is- that awful sound?, Stuck in- hospital gown My back- begins to ache, Tied down- in this bed, Like a- lunatic head Luna-tic underneathe, Cower- under blankets, 8 sweet- sickly doses A day- just to stay alive, Just to- get me by, Living - dose to dose Can’t leave- or this disease, Really- might kill me, 3 Smokes- to stay alive 3 smokes- just to get me by, Living- smoke to smoke, Lit by- box on the wall No flame- though we’re on fire, Shoelace- not allowed, Though we’re- already hung Swinging- from the tree, Just wish- I could sleep, Sleep and- Never wake 8 sweet- sickly doses, Just to- stay alive, Just to- get me by 3 smokes- to stay alive, 3 smokes- just to get by, Just can’t- can’t get high Lounge in- Luxury, Wake where- the bright sun beats, Smell the- black coffee Cuddle- in silk sheets, Though you’re- still naked, Cuddle- in warm blankets Though you’re- still freezing, Pierced by- the cold breeze and, Cuddle- a stranger’s arms Bodies- locked in weave, Cuddle- a stranger’s womb, As though- you’ll never leave Never- leave never come, Never- come never leave, Rise as- demented gods Step down- to the tide, This- sad lonely ride, Your own- universe This life- is a curse, Take a- walk down the beech, Never- turn around Chauffeured- by your jailer, Just give- me medicine, Just give- me the cure I need- sleep for sure, Just knock- me out cold, Follow- your chauffeur Locked in- this bright hold, Thousands- of thoughts swirl, ’Round this- gilded cage Gilded cage- we call the world, Can’t bear- this anymore, All I- do is lay here Give me- medicine, Cure life- with chemicals, Sleep and- never wake Still stuck- stuck with me, Doesn’t- matter how far, Away- I happen to be Doesn’t- matter where, Where I- try to hide, Voices- always lie Knock me- out cold please, My mind- still follows me, Incur-able disease Follows- Anywhere I, Track down- forms of mind, Sarcas-m tear flesh of mine Walls errected- to protect, Now keep- me captive, Barri-cade my own mind Tapped in- my own body, Wind up- this little doll, Knock down- these prison wall I think- I threw the key, Away- down the drain, To hide- existential In es-scapeable pain, Just wish- I could sleep, Sleep and- never wake I wish- I could escape, Want to- run or hide, I wish- I could run I wish- I could hide, I wish- I could sleep, Sleep and- never wake How else- could I escape, My self- My damn mind, Away- sleep the time Sleep and- never wake, How else- could I escape, My mo-ther fucking mind #7: *NO LYRICS SPEED FREAK ROBOT: Jolt twitch rush- Jolt rush, Take off fly- away flush, Higher than- god, And it keeps- going good lord Up Up and- away, Peel away- the Exhaustion, Shock away- feeling, Shiver sends- me reeling Down my spine- awesome, Can’t even- move an inch, Ringing in- my ear, My heart all- that I can hear I found my- groove, And I’m Lit- and it don’t stop, I’m spun I- won’t stop, And I stand- and it kicks off Speed Freak- Robot, And I’m ne-ver coming down x2 I’m on roll- Just right, I’m on a roll- and it’s alright, I’m perfect- rockstar, I’m a mo-ther fucking god Speed Freak- Robot, And I’m ne-ver coming down, I don’t stop- running, Keep running- Just to keep on Running ne-ver stop, Depression- will not catch up, Or it looks- that way, Or it looks- that way from here Run just to- keep on, Running just- to keep running, I’m never- coming, Never com-ing down Cause I DOn’t wanna- crash yet, Don’t wanna- crash quite yet x2 And I’m dead- dried up, And I’m dead- dried up and cracked, My muscles- ache now, From being- cocked back somehow My muscles- ache ache, From being- locked in place, But I’m still- going, But I’m still- picking my face The walking- dead still, The dead can't- can’t stop walking, Speed Freak- Robot, And I’m ne-ver coming down I trudge on- because, I can’t stop- ‘cause if I stop, I can’t stop- ‘cause then, I can’t stop- ‘cause if I stop I can’t stop- ‘cause then, I’d be stuck- and if I’m stuck, Then I’l be- dead and, If I stop- I’ll be in hell So I keep- running, Just to keep- on running, well, I’m never- coming, Never ev-er coming down Spinning in- circles, Another- Shudder lights up, Shock away- feeling, Shudder lights- my brain right up Shiver down- my spine, and shudder- sends me reeling, Fucking up- my mind, Peel away- the exhaustion Running out- of time, And I’m back- I’m back baby, Fucking back- why?, Back again- wait where was I? Never mind- just run, Can’t stop ‘cause- this is a lie, Shock away- feeling, and shudder- sends me reeling Fucking up- my mind, Peel away- the exhaustion, Feel fucking- awesome, Abandon- any caution Back again- baby, Back on top- of the damn game, Remember- my name, Wait, what game?- Just running Just running- god damn, I’m running- in these circles, Life’s a game- and I’m, Running just- to keep running I can’t stop- ‘cause then, I can’t stop- ‘cause if I stop, Speed Freak- Robot, And I’m ne-ver coming down What was that- voices, Noises through- the solid wall, Voices down- the hall, Shadows in- corner of my Corner of- my eye, Shadows in- the corner of, Corner of- my mind, Sillouhettes- of sin abound Shadows curl- around, Around this- entire dark world, Voices in- static, They start as- whispers but they Always end- in screams, This is my- heart that is gray, This is me- dying, This is my- damn waking dream This is me- dying, This is my- terrified scream, Can they hurt- don’t know, Know they are- watching me though Watching and- waiting, Their waiting- and planning still, Planning and- hating, Hating me- waiting to kill Through the walls- listen, And that damn- window, watching, They are in- the fan, And the damn- ventilation My door I’m- locking, Message through- television, I can hear- them talk, I know that- they’re stalking me Follow through- this house, Who is cat- and who is mouse, They can hear- me think, That gives them- an advantage They always- seem to, See me from- rooftop vantage, and I’m stuck- always, But never- did I stop They hear ev-ery move, They can hear- my every thought, Which can’t keep- up with, Can’t keep up- with my damn brain But I keep- running, Running from- the pain I feel, But is there- even, Something I- Can know is real Is there an- away, I’ll just keep- running today, Running to- chase thoughts, In circles- from this my mind It won’t stop- Confine, Me to this- world so unkind, Won’t stop so- defined, It’ won’t stop- It never stops Vile thing I- designed, This evil- that I gave life, Now it is- Malign, It won’t stop- it never stops The running- yet dead, Violent- and psychotic, Awake and-insane, Paranoid- Hallucinate Vile silence-around, Screaming in- terrified head, Paranoid- in bed, The evil- of running dead But I keep- running, Running just- to keep running, Speed Freak- Robot, And I’m ne-ver coming down HALLUCINATING HELL: Dull the noise, Numb it out, Ringing in my ears is all that I hear Grit my teeth, Hold my tongue, Words echo through my skull till this all is done Inner monologue, Can’t control, Can’t stop mumbling his criminal role Scary Sounds, Through the wall, Visions of the devil haunt and enthrall Psychotic Haze, Devil in the glass, Demon’s inside till the spins have past Eery voice, Whispers that, They can hear my thoughts as my face I pick at Shaking I rose, Kill the lights, An eery dim glow illuminates my plight Decay surrounds, Floor is flooded, Bars replace the shades as each spike slides down See the devils horns, In the broken glass, A slide-show of hell till this all has past Ghost pass through, The molded walls, Demented spirits haunt my mind as the terror grew Blood drips down, Iron crucifix, No comfort is found as I pray for death Face my dhuka, Spinning samsara, Karma haunts as terror echoes all around him Focus my breath, Calms the noise, In and out one more time but I can’t ignore Ignore the screams, WIld-eyed and wicked, Bleed sin down my arm and wake screaming from a dream Mysterious crystal, Lift me above Babylon, Came crashing down to cower with a pistol Sweating and naked, Rocking back and forth, Scarred and sunken face reflect the star of the north Pause for a moment, Spark a cigarette, One breadth brings life, and another brings slow death Glimpse myself, Skin and bones, My rotting flesh will never make it home Quick shallow breadths, and deathly eyes, My hallucinating gaze sinks into their paranoid depths Make it stop, Can’ take any more, Hollow cackle in the darkness rings through the drop MY GILDED CAGE (REPRISE): Inside Alone Stuck with Just Me shade sure look like Bars when It’s just us three Or is it four Pound on the door Stay still, they abhor Me kill the lights Noise through the wall wait til they leave down the hall Eavesdropping on My own damn head why won’t they just leave me be Afraid of the Dark rain outside Inside is so warm and cozy Throw away the key don’t seem like it fits to me Don’t need it anymore, sleep to kill this bore Just wish I could sleep, sleep and need wake, Life at stake


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