Blow My Mind.

Blow My Mind

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BLOW MY MIND (Written, performed and produced by Paul Otten) ©2015 Black Toast Music Publishing My heart jumped when you opened my eyes Oh oh, whoa oh A fire sparked way down inside Oh oh, whoa oh Before you I was a lifeless fool Oh oh, whoa oh You knocked me out, you changed my tune Oh oh, whoa oh Pre-CH: And I can’t believe my luck No I can’t believe my luck CHORUS: You blow my mind Every single time Oh you never cease to amaze me baby You blow my mind Oh you’re so fine Oh somebody pinch me I must be dreaming My whole life was a broken record Oh oh, whoa oh But you spun me round in a new direction Oh oh, whoa oh Pre-CH CH BRIDGE: Oh I just can’t get enough Yeah I just can’t get enough CH


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