BNY Velocity - A 30 minute bike fitness session with coaching.

BNY Velocity - A 30 minute bike fitness session with coaching

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This 30 minute training session with music and coaching has been designed by AudioFuel specifically to build fitness for bike track racing. For use with indoor spin bikes or turbo trainers (please don't use this whilst riding on the road), this session will push you hard and give you a workout that will help improve your cardiovascular fitness, aerobic capacity and leg power. This is a pyramid intervals workout. Intervals training involves bursts of high effort work interspersed with recoveries. After a warm up you'll get a 30 second sprint then a 30 second recovery, followed by 4 sprints of increasing intensity & duration reaching a 2 minute 100 RPM sprint at the top of the pyramid. Then the pattern reverses, finishing with a 30 seconds sprint, and a 5 min cool down to finish.


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