Bridges Burn.

Bridges Burn

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  • pikabob photo avatar
    Debra Brock Holme - 2015/09/24 10:21:15

    Beautiful song!

  • pikabob photo avatar
    yogi8 - 2015/09/20 18:06:40

    @david-wagner-254038048: It's available on Amazon now. I presume Longmire sent you looking for this song as it did for me.

  • pikabob photo avatar
    David Wagner - 2015/09/12 07:13:51

    How do I buy a copy of this I can take with me everywhere?

  • pikabob photo avatar
    Pedro Costa | Composer - 2014/01/23 17:04:42

    Love this one!!!



BRIDGES BURN (Written, produced and performed by Paul Otten) ©2014 Black Toast Music Publishing Available on ITunes: https://geo.itunes.apple.com/us/album/bridges-burn-single/id1040990462?mt=1&app=music trained my mind on only one track hit the ground running and never looked back steered my eyes to the mission ahead and i burnt that bridge never did listen to the innocent voice dismissed my heart never gave it much choice surrendered my soul to the mission ahead and i burnt that bridge CHORUS: oh and i can’t help but think i’m losing it am i losing it as i watch, i watch my bridges burn to ash maybe my heart’s trying to give me a hint maybe it’s time i start listening in maybe i’m too far into the thick and i can’t turn back CHORUS CHORUS all my bridges burn all my bridges burn all my bridges burn


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