(FOLK) CLOSER THAN YOU THINK- (cowrite w/ Casey Hurowitz ft.Paul Otten).

(FOLK) CLOSER THAN YOU THINK- (cowrite w/ Casey Hurowitz ft.Paul Otten)

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V1) Hey hey, don’t let me hear you say (That) you’re giving up on all our hopes and dreams Every day has a detour ‘long the way But every road leads back to you and me (V2) Steady now through the smiles and the tears Miles are just baby steps in time When we fall we'll get up or even crawl And when we’re lost our hearts will be our guide (CHORUS) Take a moment now to breathe You and I are all we need Sometimes you just have to believe That we are closer than you think (V3) Hey hey now let me hear you say That you’ll be on this journey your whole life No one knows the things that lie ahead (But) I promise you I’ll never leave your side chorus


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