Kasum feat. Megan Hamilton - Complicated (Avril Lavigne Cover).

Kasum feat. Megan Hamilton - Complicated (Avril Lavigne Cover)

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    Kevin ElementStyleFX - 2016/05/12 13:33:39

    dat drop

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    Kevin ElementStyleFX - 2016/05/12 13:33:26


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    Haider Ali - 2016/02/14 12:57:28

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    Megan Hamilton - 2016/01/31 03:08:09

    @bost1c: <333

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    Z∑T▲ - 2016/01/23 16:48:25

    full support on kasum!

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    Alicia Westbrook - 2016/01/13 15:08:48

    Dude!!! This track make me fucking scream with joy. Beautifull done. You hear something in these songs that no one has before. It ferels like you rip apart a song and show us its soul. #mindblown #fangirling

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    random - 2016/01/05 17:37:37


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    K.Hutton3 - 2015/12/23 01:00:24

    Instant love <3 <3

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    BPM SUPREME - 2015/12/22 22:06:34

    pretty sick!

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    Alley Waltz - 2015/12/21 20:37:50

    can I post it on my website?

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    Alley Waltz - 2015/12/21 20:37:31

    very cool

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    TheKyleItz - 2015/12/01 05:53:56

    Perfect Throwback!

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    Dvdshulman - 2015/11/27 20:06:02


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    bost1c - 2015/11/25 17:22:02

    wow @meganhamiltonmusic you have such a beautiful voice!! this remake is AMAZING!

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    Morgen Taal - 2015/11/07 22:53:27

    Dude Perfect ! :D

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    Tzvi Messinger - 2015/11/03 01:55:52


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    Sam Jenkyns - 2015/10/16 21:56:26


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    jamesadam-mclachlan - 2015/10/03 20:52:08


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    Celine Norman - 2015/10/03 20:12:55

    Would it be ok if I used this in my youtube video?

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    DJ CobaCoba - 2015/10/01 03:00:48

    hey @ddelulius



FREE Download: https://www.hive.co/l/2kxb Follow @kasum twitter.com/ItsKasum instagram.com/ItsKasum facebook.com/ka5um Snapchat: ka5um HYPEM: awe.sm/hO4bK Man oh man, do I LOVE this song. I've always wanted to put my twist on one of Avril's songs and when I decided to undertake the task of remixing "Complicated" I knew it would be an exciting but very difficult challenge. After weeks of hard work of writing the instrumental for it I felt that something from the song was missing. I decided "I'm gonna try and sing this song". So I went into my little brothers closet with a cheap $70 microphone, ran the mic cables under the door of the closet so the fan from my computer wouldn't be heard on the recording and I sang the song. It was my first time singing on anything and I was really happy with how it turned out. I still wanted to add something to the song though. After all the original vocal was Avril's and I wanted to get a girl to sing the lead vocal of it so I was lucky enough to find the ever so talented Megan Hamilton just by coincidence online and within 15 minutes of me introducing myself to her, she sent back to me a PERFECT cover of the song, I threw it into the song and Ta Da!! I present to you one of my favorite songs, that I have ever made, my cover of Complicated! Enjoy ! Support the original: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5NPBIwQyPWE Megan Hamilton: https://soundcloud.com/meganhamiltonmusic MGMT: me@alistairstirling.com & daverishty@gmail.com ArtWork: https://www.facebook.com/NicholaiDavidGo


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