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Connect.disconnekt take i.i take a salute to connection w all the rough edges a compilation of sounds || evocative of connection subMergeOctober_Alchemy of Connection 1 **this must be the place (naive melody) talking heads 2 unfold in colour 3 the new beat generation (ada kaleh remix) wareika 4 belief (original mix) jelly for the babies 5 kerub feat silvia (SAAND remix) bobby shepherd 6 please tell me : im dreaming jose vizcaino 7 GAIA pablo bolivar & in2deep 8 intention_ez minimal dance spirit, mia lucci 9 simplicity mose robert 10 bellflowers + unicorn mary yalex 11 Stronger (b**ardo & san marco remix) debal sommer 12 in the (last) moment feat georgia lewis audiofly, georgia lewis 13 magnetic souls yokoO, retza 14 let the light in (moonlight dub) oona dahl 15 alice pogo


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