Disco-theque'd! (U2 Remix).

Disco-theque'd! (U2 Remix)

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    U2DJ1 - 2012/02/18 14:02:13


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    U2DJ1 - 2011/10/07 00:49:04

    thanks a lot. look forward to the new mix. good to meet other u2 fans!

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    DreamOutLoud! - 2011/09/22 19:30:59

    Hey....thanks! I'm a huge U2 fan and couldn't resist tampering with that song.........but it's always good to get some feedback! Only been doing this Ableton thing 6 months...very addictive! So many ideas for remixing their songs! Liking some of your remixes a lot.......i'm working on a Mysterious Ways one at the mo!

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    U2DJ1 - 2011/09/20 00:54:45

    really nice remix Rossco! kudos



Had a little go at remixing.......


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