Drake- Hotline Bling.

Drake- Hotline Bling

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    karina989 - 2017/06/29 04:44:13


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    Alejandra - 2017/04/14 00:17:31


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    Icytiger - 2017/02/28 03:36:29


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    Dj Jared Ross - 2016/12/16 10:55:15

    Best DJ

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    Aubrie Bancroft - 2016/10/25 17:22:27

    no. this is rude to drake, its not a sad song, you wanna know what this song says: I'm so sad Im not having sex with you. What the real song says: B**** Imma find another woman whos finna treat me right. NO.

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    OchoaJosh - 2016/10/14 04:52:49

    I dig this song, but the voice tho 💯

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    Rocki - 2016/08/26 18:54:05

    poor bobby

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    Babette VC - 2016/05/29 19:10:34

    Perfect <3

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    Berlin Calderon - 2016/04/23 18:42:34

    what the fuck ia this put the real songs

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    Jimmy Ismail - 2016/04/15 07:44:58

    you good sweetie!

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    TeamNovaMusic - 2016/04/12 01:54:14

    That Voice

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    MøĦämed Bek El AdLiy - 2016/03/27 17:29:31

    ♥ NiCe♥

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    Silvana Salas - 2016/03/15 03:06:23

    damn this is so good

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    Eric Deleon - 2016/03/13 17:00:01

    bitch fuck this song !

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    Sharanya - 2016/02/16 16:42:30

    @josh-the-boss-1: On iTunes! If you aren't here for this cover itself, why you gotta be so rude?

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    Sharanya - 2016/02/16 16:41:39

    There are so many people here hating because they're looking for Drake singing Hotline Bling, and are getting salty when they come across a cover and don't have a way to download a song they like for free. Isn't anyone else here from Sarah's YouTube channel? I heard Hotline Bling for the first time only because this cover popped up in my subscription box, before the song was all over the radio. Rather than commenting about how she should've put the word "cover" in the title or whatever else seems to be upsetting you, realize that you should have the courtesy to at least comment on the cover itself rather than simply complaining about not being able to find what you were looking for. I realize that my point is a little hypocritical as I'm not commenting about the song, but coming here to download the cover and seeing this kind of "feedback" is sad. ): Sorry for sprinkling salt everywhere, but I'm just trying to prevent more salt from being spilt. x

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    Mullum Underground - 2016/02/06 15:02:36

    mullumunderground Hotline,or SO Fine London 2002 mix,oops got ya

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    Lucas Kallahari - 2016/02/03 03:04:26

    que voz

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    ALEXA REYES - 2016/01/28 03:11:41

    sing ugly

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    jevin tai - 2016/01/23 04:15:39

    @josh-the-boss-1: cool





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