Fernando Santos & Juliana Alves - Cantigas, Danças E Toadas Do Cancioneiro Infantil....

Fernando Santos & Juliana Alves - Cantigas, Danças E Toadas Do Cancioneiro Infantil Goiano - 07 Chico,...

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BALLADS, DANCES AND MELODIES OF GOIÁS CHILDISH ‘CANCIONEIRO’¹ In the year of 2003 we started our researches and our goal was to create a disc for representing the childish ‘cancioneiro’(1) of Goiás, following the childlike music that we have already developed for a long time. The ballads, dances, toys and melodies which are part of the disc are also part of 60ties and 80ties generation memory. In this kind of music we can find elements of socialization and integration between the individuals, something we rarely see nowadays. It is important to remember that the ballads change day by day and these traditional songs are lead to the extinction of themselves, due to the natural transformation of the cultural aspects of the society.Considering that this kind of songs are something applicable to the young people education and entertainment, it is important to preserve them. Several hours of interviews were recorded in a MiniDisc.To choose the relevant songs we based in the selection of those that were uncommon for the public in general, because most of people considered very old and so we wanted them as a register, a heritage for future generations. Some songs were heard with just one interviewed person and it also characterizes its unheard-of status. With the ready repertoire, it was necessary to think about the arrangements we would give to the disc.


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