Hopeless Romantic - Meghan Trainor.

Hopeless Romantic - Meghan Trainor

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Ever after comes after we meet I think the movies were lying to me Oh my, how they lie Know I'm ready to give you my heart Just gotta find you so we can start Oh yeah, but till then I gotta be patient But I'm tired of waiting I'm just a hopeless romantic Looking for love I'd risk it all just to have it I wouldn't take it for granted I'm just a hopeless romantic Not giving up Cause I deserve to find my own I can feel it in my bones Yes, I know you're somewhere close Giving me hope Bet we met at a party before You were sweet and held open the door Oh my, I should've said hi So if you're out there And hearing this song Just know I'm here And you're taking too long Baby, come and find me Cause I've been so patient And I'm sick of waiting


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