Hot Hell Road (demo).

Hot Hell Road (demo)

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HOT HELL ROAD Written by Gregg Mandel & Dean Taylor VERSE I’ve raced a million miles for you Ran my tires bald for you Horizons filled with last hope dreams Find your heaven or my engine screams Shoulders littered with maddening thoughts Chased by evil sirens, dreams‘ll die if I get caught I have to live by my own law and fear Haunted by ghosts, you’re the one true angel out here CHORUS Out on this hot hell road Speed and pray through the torture zone My only map’s a mirage of you It don’t fold up nice but it gets me through Out on this hot hell road VERSE I ride a scorching blaze to you Find that sun burned place we knew Start feeling your skin next to me I overheat, you drive me crazy Reality is the past I ditched In denial, my kiss still sizzles on your lips Sure I know you’re just a fool’s gold game But real or not, to love your love, I’ll go insane CHORUS BRIDGE Turns out food and gasoline aren’t free Cars don’t last a million miles Friends won’t live in my fantasy You’re the only thing that makes sense to me CHORUS


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