I Just Want To Live (Prod. Free P).

I Just Want To Live (Prod. Free P)

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    lalagabrielaa - 2016/10/22 07:50:15


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    Hoodratbeats - 2016/03/17 16:33:33

    very dope voice! Id love to send u some beats sometime!

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    TRAVIS WALKER - 2016/03/14 06:12:22

    too real.

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    Patrice Farquharson - 2016/03/08 02:13:28

    Your music gives me life! I am such a huge fan of what you do. Your voice is so unique

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    nikkiashful - 2016/03/03 22:26:00

    I love the message and the beat!

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    SHIGGY - 2016/03/02 21:32:41


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    Ohio Streets - 2016/03/01 23:39:55

    THIS SONG AND VIDEO THOUGH, thank you Lorine!

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    La Muzic de Lady - 2016/03/01 12:47:17

    Quel Clip ! www.youtube.com/watch?v=7cps1kA99r0

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    Adi Pre - 2016/03/01 10:10:50


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    General Hadj DSE - 2016/03/01 04:52:55

    this is so fucking good



I live in constant fear that I or someone close to me could be the next victim of police brutality or racial profiling. Then on top of that there is the pressure from my peers on whether I'm cool enough to engage with or not. Trying to involve you in drama when it's unnecessary or provoking you to anger just because you don't believe in the same things they do. It always seems like people set the most unrealistic expectations for you and try to keep you in a negative space while all you're trying to do is just live. Check out the video here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7cps1kA99r0


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