Life Is A Lottery.

Life Is A Lottery

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written by Dean Brantley Taylor, Gregg Mandel & Paul Cufflin performed by Empty Sea VERSE I lay it on the line for my starving heart Dreaming all the time, shooting for the stars Betting slim and none, grasping at the straws Skating on thin ice, hoping it don’t thaw I live by one law The luck of the draw CHORUS Life is a lottery It’s a mad crazy game I play With Lady Luck smiling down on me I believe I'm gonna win life's lottery VERSE I’ll stumble through a maze, turning left then right Blinded by the blaze of a shiny prize Counting on a whim, never say “I can’t” Play any get rich game, taking every chance I don’t have no plan It’s all happenstance CHORUS BRIDGE Long shot schemes are what I do best I don’t do 9 to 5 like all the rest I’m not afraid to swing hard and miss Double or nothing, I’ll take the risk VERSE I’ll roll it on the dice, draw an inside straight To get what I like, any odds I’ll take Money, girls and fun, deal me in their deck Hit the powerball, spin it on roulette I’ll bet my last rent I’m that confident CHORUS CHORUS


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