Linkin Park - Faint (EMT Remix).

Linkin Park - Faint (EMT Remix)

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    user329972663 - 2016/04/02 06:15:34

    yes nice

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    User 892212827 - 2015/11/27 22:39:54


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    User 743351124 - 2015/10/27 20:38:08

    this song suck

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    Vontae Reid - 2015/10/23 17:40:15

    @user-849780944: hi

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    Vontae Reid - 2015/10/21 18:55:54

    I Can't faint

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    Vontae Reid - 2015/10/20 19:14:19

    Awesome remix

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    SommaRain - 2015/07/25 05:20:14

    Where i can buy it in wav?

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    Justin Lassen - 2015/05/08 22:35:47

    @djbtown: http://filmmusicdaily.com/2014/07/28/coming-this-fall-lakeshore-records-hasbro-to-release-first-official-my-little-pony-remix-album-dj-pon3-mlp-remixed/

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    Kazama Ilham Kiryu - 2014/10/10 09:51:28

    cool echo, nice job

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    FlfyCats17 - 2014/07/20 04:56:18

    THIS is what i call a real remix! Rearranging the notes not drenching it in dorkstep.

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    Damo - 2014/04/27 15:11:03

    this is great

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    SoulExtract - 2013/11/25 05:14:40

    Nice Remix! Gate it up!

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    Davis Burkhart - 2013/09/15 01:30:21


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    JCRG - 2013/06/18 10:47:35

    @jcrg: I'd totally pay $10.00 for a single release of this.

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    JCRG - 2013/06/18 10:38:12

    Where can I buy a 320 kbps, or perhaps a high quality .wav version of this? I've always wanted to hear this song in its full glory.

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    mandori - 2013/06/14 09:48:39


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    ipungfahrizal - 2013/05/16 07:59:13

    great job

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    ordon46230 - 2012/10/10 06:26:46

    Sick remix how do I DL?

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    ordon46230 - 2012/10/10 06:25:36

    Sick remix... ;) Would like to add to my DJ Collection.

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    djbtown - 2012/06/23 18:27:20

    Just discovered this remix, and it's amazing! Way ahead of its time, and still awesome almost a decade after its release! I have no idea whether you are a hater or a fan of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, but a new AMV just came out that will undoubtedly bring a lot of those fans here... check it out at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hPm7gMeXlF0 !



And… here is my world famous "Faint (EMT Remix)"! I'm extremely proud of this remix that originally sprang onto the world in spring of 2003 under the pseudo-ep "Deanimation" (along with "In The End (EMT Remix)"). Featured in Playboy, Billboard and DOZENS of other high profile magazines, sites, blogs and vlogs the world over; I used to keep track of the numbers downloads and plays this remix received online until I LOST COUNT in the absurd numbers of over 80+ million trackable listens/downloads, youtube, P2P, sites, etc. Thanks to all the big magazines who said all that nice stuff about my remixing skills. You guys rock! A lot! It has been uploaded and removed from YouTube and other video sites more times than I can count from very diligent and persistent LP fans all over the world in almost every country. Seems like once a particular video gets 500k+ or 1M+ listens, someone notices and removes it and then some new fan uploads his or her version somewhere else and the cycle repeats. It has been famously edited to videos about Final Fantasy, Halo, DoTA and dozens more games, films and properties popped up all the time. I want to give credit to 'Fiend Ninja' for being the FIRST to do the famous Final Fantasy glitch edited video specifically to my trademark EMT cuts/edits/glitches in the remix, which became a sort of unofficial/official video to my remix and a recognizable youtube staple for the highly sought after remix. At the time of release, glitch editing was just taking off, but not big or mainstream yet, so proud to be one of the pioneers of that movement. In the original remix session files, I used stems from LP as well as a special edition Project Revolution signed Vinyl for samples and scratches (the same year I remixed In The End which gained additional cult status amongst supportive Linkin Park fans). I still have never released the remastered super high-resolution 24-bit version of the remix. The current version seems to do just fine on its own. From the bottom of my little heart, thank you Linkin Park, thank you lovely LP fans, thank you talented video editors and thank you music and remix lovers for making this one of Linkin Park's most listened and talked about remixes of all time and helping it get featured in lots of cool magazines, blogs and forums along the way. I love you all! FUN TRIVIA: 1. Captain Picard is in it. 2. I sang the choruses along with Chester in the remix, including the fun high falcetto part in the middle. :) 3. session looked like black smudges because of all the editing and modification. :) 4. i layered in a small ensemble of layers of live strings and orchestra :)


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