Long After I'm Gone (feat. Greg Burton).

Long After I'm Gone (feat. Greg Burton)

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long after i’m gone (written by Paul Otten & Greg Burton) i’m from a place i call wherever haven’t seen a home in forever but that rain don’t bother me  i don’t let it bother me the speed of sound and the speed of light shaky ground and burning daylight waiting for it to unravel Like twisted trails less traveled   chorus i can’t give in now i can’t break when it finally goes down everything’s at stake but please don’t let my story read wrong long after i’m gone wide open eyes but i didn’t even know i crossed that line man along time ago don’t tell my blood - don’t tell my girl i don’t think i’m long for this world at every turn you know the plot line thickens every page the heart beat quickens gonna  give it everything i own sticks and stones, guns and bones chorus


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