Mighty Morphin.

Mighty Morphin

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Mighty Morphin Track by: Raisi K. You wanna see my Megazord? Watch me make my monster grow I’m like 2 Charlie Sheens. My only speed’s GO! GO! Never yellow in the pink. Make you stutta a lotta Like Sha la la la la la la sha zam shaba No putty for me buddy, I’m always standing strong When my Mastodon is out it’s always Titanus long Don’t be a silly Billy, I’m ace not a Zedd And I’ll morph and tap that ass til it’s Tyrannosaurus red Hit me on the communicator. I’ll see ya later. On a darker side than Vader, just call me Zack Taylor You’ll white tiger power in Bulk on your Skull It may sound Repulsa, but the ooze is good for your soul Can go again if you want to, cuz a nigga gangsta Just let me hit that power crystal covered Green Ranger Then like Alpha 5, you’ll scream, “Ai yai yai!” And I’m always coming back, cuz I’m Super Hentai I know one minute men are what you’re used to Give me a call, and I’ll be there, Light Speed Rescue Yea it’s morphin time, which means it’s time to get on Tell me what’s your fantasy, I’mma boss like Zordon Of course it’s Wild Force the second that I’m morphin Kick it into turbo, producin’ extra endorphins Leak a tape to the public. Your girlfriends and you teamed up against me. A special tokusatsu. You can blow my Dragon Dagger and summon a beast With Bandai toy play your pleasure is increased Against my Power Cannon, your Jungle Fury is released Call upon my Power Sword, you’re goin’ down to say the least And what we do is not for kids, not a controversial issue And when you have to leave like Trini I’mma miss you But the dangers of my weapons can be a little lethal So Aisha’s on deck for my Power Rangers sequel


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