No Tomorrows (with Paul Otten).

No Tomorrows (with Paul Otten)

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NO TOMORROWS (Hurowitz/Otten) (VERSE 1) If I stay awake all night And stare at the nighttime sky Maybe the sun won’t rise No it just won’t rise Cos every morning brings a warning That here comes another day Without you here How I want you here (CHORUS) Yesterday hangs on While I’m frozen in time And I can still feel you breathe But there are no tomorrows No tomorrows for you and me (VERSE 2) Ticking clocks and calendar pages They tell vicious lies With you I thought there’d be more You promised so much more I made mistakes, I may have hurt you My lips say I’m sorry now I just wish you could hear What I’m saying here (CHORUS) (BRIDGE) All the things you said Hang heavy in the air And all the reasons now Well they still aren't clear Not to me No not to me (CHORUS)


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