Numb/Soar (w/ Linkin Park).

Numb/Soar (w/ Linkin Park)

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Instrumental by: Linkin Park Intro, 1st verse, Hook, and 2nd verse: Sir Pure Chorus and 3rd verse: Linkin Park {My lyrics} Intro: Ladies and Gentleman, I hope you’re doing good today I’m aware there are many problems of differing varieties It is my hopes that you aren’t letting them hold you back But rather pressing forward with the correct attack If you’re not… Then what is it that you’re waiting for We get this one life, so it’s your time to soar 1st Verse: We lay in wait Like a lion does for its prey Expectations set high As the bar lifts our effort runs dry It’s a tragedy within a calamity The next best thing is repelling We climb, we work, we try All for reasons some choose to deny Closed up in the mission, left wishin’ That we had one last chance at ambition It’s a dire situation in this life Where hope and love need to arise People beaten and enslaved Not much different from yesterday We thought it was gone, but to our dismay It grew greater, under the radar of our play Many trapped and embedded in disaster It’s time to write a whole new chapter Stand up and believe in better activity Nobody can prevent you from achieving prosperity Hook: Believe it or not you’re still livin’ Look on high to become forgiven Wash away the pain and mistakes You’re too valuable for anyone to break Don’t let anyone press you down any more You get this one life and it’s your time to soar (x2) 2nd Verse: Some people want to slay you, play you, and betray you With that said some want to Protect you, love you, and comfort you All you need to do is choose Who they are and if they lose Because you should live to win Don’t get held back by their sins The burden is already great Don’t adopt the influence of hate That demeaning behavior is stale It’ll never allow you to truly prevail All it takes is one spark to begin the fire The one that lights up your inner desire So worried about what others think It’s leavin’ you drained, spiralin’ down the sink Get off the brink of negative situations Don’t entertain suicide or slip into depression Listen to the good word and His design Allow Him to revive all your vital signs Each day you awake begins anew Sometimes it’s best to leave your crew Evaluation of said steps is critical As we just get one life to help create miracles Closing (x2): Don’t let anyone press you down any more You get this one life and it’s your time to soar


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