This is Gospel Instrumental Remake (Piano Version) - Panic! At The Disco [Parallax....

This is Gospel Instrumental Remake (Piano Version) - Panic! At The Disco [Parallax Records 2014]

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    Chloe Shields - 2016/03/03 07:06:35

    yesssssss i love thissssss

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    yo_ma😂✊❤ - 2015/08/06 22:26:52

    im in love with this song??

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    Mae-Lea Matsuoka Nanase - 2015/06/17 00:37:39

    To everyone that wants to download it but can't, use clipconverter.cc. You're welcome.

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    Boltcutter - 2015/02/18 21:16:59

    @gingerweasly: ...this is the link that's in the description.

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    gingerweasly - 2014/12/26 19:27:49

    there's a link to download on the youtube video in the discription https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VfnDQ5fgPNs

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    Epicbananas07 - 2014/10/01 00:16:01

    I'd really like to download this! I'm singing this song for my school's talent show and I'd like to use this version! :)

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    Joanna Powell 1 - 2014/07/07 19:08:53

    can i download this please? x



Instrumental Remake for Panic! At The Disco's, "This is Gospel (Piano Version)". Made this all by ear so you may or may not hear mistakes. If you do, let me know and I'll update it as soon as possible. If you use this instrumental or use the Ableton Live file, please give credit. That's the only thing I ask in return for these free instrumentals. Feel free to subscribe for any upcoming content! This is fan, so yes there is some variation from the original just to twist things up :D Now taking song requests! If I think I have the skill level, I'd be happy to give it a go and remake it. No, I'm not a professional with Ableton Live, I just like making content with friends and other cool people who like to make content too. It has been about 2 years of on and off learning by myself when I have free time which is rare. I have extremely little knowledge of sound design, so please give constructive criticism so I can make my instrumentals sound better for all of you. Thank you, and enjoy :) If you have any questions, feel free to message me, I will answer your questions as soon as possible. www.youtube.com/ParallaxRecords ~PARALLAX RECORDS~


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