Private collectoin of endless rex,etc recording myself using real instruments over....

Private collectoin of endless rex,etc recording myself using real instruments over 7 yeras

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Wife, ,wet met at her 1st DM show at 14, my second DALLAS TEXAS. Thank god they came to Dallas, the scene is shit a music scene but packed with devoted loyalty and taste. David decided to come back to earth after fulfilling a roll long predicted her in the us then, i still hate this country everywhere its demanded - but these guys kicked in my whole FAST teenage , private school, young teen sex, mdma before it was illegal, and endless memories successful seducing the hottest girl anyone could find until the next one came along with more eagerness for drugs sex and S&M with our suddenly mega pop stars. We still loved but were so full of all the BS gossip about the band, followed them on 5 dates both tours, immaturely acted not as obsessive when 808 broke -this made DM and ruined my early messed up teen years.,though that concert ape has persuaded more reluctant girls into my clutches over 20 years I lost count, ,. and so did they never forget eh first and ONLY person to make them cum the first though 30 times ...always ending the story "and its been not one more fucking time time since and he even told me that back then,"... loll.... REMEMBER BILLS RECORDS AND TAPES IN BIG D , with the older creepy hardcore but openly rough tai driver looking record owner that introduced the band 3 times? That guy was my sweet uncle, you came into the store and all got stoned with him in his shit office for two hours then seemed pretty tripped out laughing at the over 500,000 .strong crowd outside. I grabbed that old lady and tossed her from the store for calling Robert Smith a drag queen over and over.. You and Marty were laughing at me forever after that.... The cops came anyway and I started shooting fireworks - roman candle mortars, into the huge OLD crowd. You shot them off later before the show trying to shake off all your adrenaline rushing through you for being at the large of a place in Texas. Nobody else listened to Black Celebration, Black Flag, and deep southern true Black Soul. I meet Dave in LA 5 times and NYC once, never the rest of you in the US. My wife and I also go to Malian regularly and never miss you guys when you have a big special event. You must see, your music IS EVERYTHING to current "cool/underground" commercial and even more critical success. You guys should be build a temple and there Martin will be glorified for a lifetime of running from any creative credit, and Dave can show me back to the penance room for those improperly overcome with misplaced guilt but also those of the many of us that still are living in a year to year process of staying clean. (mine also first started after terribly heartbreak and kicked in New York City after $20,000 a month in junk, losing a banking job, and all senseless things... of ever taking back that choice - given it was at 28yrs when I chose the long decent. Thanks for Suboxone and pussy. I love you guys, If you work with me, I can get you a 10 city 40,000 seat tour at the highest ticket prices you've ever charged, and selling out before you leave the UK to tour my and Jack White's favorite spots you need to play again and for the maniacs taped into only slightly prior. YES - RIGHT NOW. I've done things like this before. You guys need to do this twice in just 2 years and your influence in Austin, Dallas is THE #1 most respected opinion on music and especially politics because we are sounded locally by the most arm3ed, insane but RICH as it gets! Fuck LA. Texas has more GPD then half of the UK alone. Highest divorce rate for 20 years, and highest private money dwarfing every other city. I HATE it here but, there are some perks. I'm serious, have your lawyer tell you about me, but give me a free chance to explain the plain, all upfront expenses covered, NO band legal responsibilities, and Federal Check due my midnight in a HIGH INTEREST - TAX FREE SAFE BANK you can use the rest of you and children's lives if you are interested in EVERYTHING I come carrying. Your deal is simple, Merchandise and 99% of ALL GATE receipts - including tickets sold to buyers that pay 100-500% face value. No fan from Austin or North Texas ever paid less then $500 a ticket for the GA lawns but that squakker is STATE OF THE ART. Sponsored by Bank Of America and American Airlines - free flights, the best private protection also free, and asset guarantees and US employment management and payment on your behalf. (They typically ask for a Matinee appearance at a very cool, old but relative music venue all paid for by them for the rights to air the gig on live YOUTUBE website and do it free. I make money through meeting important people but I'm known now and primarily for long delays between events but not so much press because I'm not greedy. My end is disclosed also before you even consider - but I want the chance to explain the unimaginable 'drug' of this type of tour and event. I want you guys DARK again, whether it got more real later when you exploded on the screen is not what I mean. I refer to the days of Black Celebration and your masterpieces dramatic effect on COOL, clothes, real life depressing shit teenagers back then dealt with. Robert smith did his 3 days and 6 shows over only a little over two weeks but had to move BACK outdoors to the football stadium at UT to accommodate the gate crashing at his last show in Austin. He played nothing but the local fan requests and said it was the first time I never sang a song I was also long tired of. Mr White is indeed a private acquaintance going back a long way now but I'm heavily involved in exactly what his plan is now - kicking the summer festivals to the curb and playing small high class venues White Stripes fans mostly won't ever offered, but for those dirty broke students that also had contract in 2000, toured with and preformed cunnilingus on his quite "sister" Megan said the label threw us off because of Napster. The next time we met with a brief fistfight and it was September 11th, 2001 at the Dallas Shit hole club, Tree's. Nobody was in the crowd but he played another countless amount of terrible venues and I was openly calling him "Jacky C" - which is actually is real initial but also - he now has me introduce him as Jack C ever since 2010. You want to see my work and what you can expect, jump on Youtube and search jack white live show amex free - they pay a ton, but Bank Of America pays FAR more and is local. Bigtme local. This means guaranteed Managed Operating Expense tour, though small very special and extremely lucrative for not just your Queen and exwives but FOR YOUR FUTURES!!! You miss SO MUCH LOCAL HYSTERIA AND HERO WORSHIP all of Texas, NYC, SEATTLE, DC, Miami South Beach almost has a full industry of unlicensed crap souvenirs of the band back with Alan and .... I need to run. I've been personally supporting and recruiting finical support because these boys are the future. Still too avaunt guard to be more Pop, but maybe they can benefit by opening for you guys when your play Texas Stadium (over 100k screaming ANGLE SAXON FANS - for a correct true representation of your now legendary status. Please look at the many websites I've purchased and watched them ignore or create depending on how square it seems that day - then take one look from ANY SHOW since the signed and there once wonderful Lazar display was replaced without them bothered once to open 8 short hours from my order to update and BUY EVERY KICKASS THING JOHN WATERS DON'T ALREADY HAVE.!" Soon as your hear the music, see their local following, and the innovation in making a "Ghost land Observatory show" a "TRANSCENDENTAL SPIRITUAL EXPERIENCE". This New Year's eve bash, we played to a small invitation only crowd of 800 well dressed formal guests inside the Triple Hotel indoor outdoor famous tourist Dallas footnote. I sold an extra 30,000 tickets for twice the $90 face using the now HUGE 17 colleges and universities in Dallas proper. Wee sold out gain but it took us only 74 minutes. I bribed the hotel security asshole that worked for the Bush family - then heard he was fired for taking any fee after bring the 3 hotels the most publicity they've ever enjoyed... it ran interstate and they got all hard about that point and I am to this day fighting them off because all I've thought about is you guys. My local favorite band, told me to stop being a 14 year old by and get us at least some High Wall quite time to thanks them for inventing their exact brand of music and they probably want some advice on moving away from abstract or too smart for their audience material . Its not selling out when you only play keys and synths but writing words like they have - is the reason they are Gods...I couldn't agree more. A session guy these me to favors a e said I might be able too contact band via my own Reason akai keys I play trying to cover the RENTALS debut LP OVER AND OVER - former college band mate and former WIFE was part of his original squad and I fought with his prick Weezer mates so often I stopped drinking thinking that was the cause - I love this new LP!" - but no, neither beer or being the poorest scholarship Harvard undergrad nobody will ever remember - after Matt Sharpe and the ladies made the debut - I was so addicted to it I stupidly got married to someone Far too involve with me and me far too destructive to care....but she's gone yet that album was SO GREAT it stands up today and should be #3 on the College 10 at least. Adios! Depeche Mode = Sui Generis Jackson Cotten Private cell: 212-455-7585 If you do read this and see my insane frankness, its the best way to be human and 100% artist supportive - never a sellout or fraud. I do own a company that actually investigate artist's that have been victims of fraud and embezzlement. I'm as host as they come and I've got just as good of an ear and mind as most my clients. Remember this unless we meet or speak soon - and never take it lightly no matter how time I repeat it in our possible future. Age, blame or strangers pushing change is not the REASON... You after all, haven't even tried; Can you see..... Can't you see? gently asked because your loud empty mind deffens me........ Don't fear it.... I'll whisper becasue I know you are it. (even quieter) Can't you just.... see it? All your life you try to return to us someone you feel is mising, you're they only one sleeping...... last chance: don't you....you miss it forever unless your love never leaves you.....There... see it? See it!! Now for all your days.... Don't dream it, be it Don't dream it, be it sing me to sleep: Don't dream it, be it Don't dream it, be it..Don't dream it, be it Don't dream it, be it


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