Rob Bailey&The Hustle Standard -- I AM NOT DONE (HD Smith Remix).

Rob Bailey&The Hustle Standard -- I AM NOT DONE (HD Smith Remix)

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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7tFdqSphjms&list=UUJ5uYEtgfNqdLYfsBR1l9sQ&index=10 www.thehustlestandard.com :: www.flagnorfail.com Album Credits - All Songs Written by Charles Caripides & Robert Bailey (Except Ambulances) - Ambulances Written by Charles Caripides, Robert Bailey and Andrew Hernandez - Remixers: Devon Craig Johnson; Eazy Music; Fredro for Rattlebrain Productions; HD Smith; Vicious Conspiracy - HS Remixes Arranged & Produced by Charley Hustle - HS Remixes Recorded by Joseph Arroyo at Mercy Sound, NYC (Except Piano) - Piano Recorded at Greg Barbone's Studio, Queens NY - Musicians: Trumpet: Mark Rapp | Cello: Noah Hoffeld | Piano: Gregory Barbone - Main Vocals by Rob Bailey & Charley Hustle - Featured Vocal by: Moxiie (I Am Not Done) & Drew Boogie (Ambulances) All picture credits goes To: The US Army Navy SEALs https://www.facebook.com/pages/SEAL-Of-Honor/182249954768 https://www.facebook.com/USarmy


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