Backseat Lover (Smooth R&B Instrumental).

Backseat Lover (Smooth R&B Instrumental)

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    Kroshet R Chaney - 2017/06/21 15:08:07


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    Intellect - 2016/06/03 08:17:41

    Makin a song with this beat for sure.. I'll post it and send it your way.

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    Sam Spann - 2016/02/22 05:11:59

    My name Arif , I love this beat I would like to purchase it contact me my email address is give me a price .peace

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    Siranthony Brooks - 2015/08/11 06:27:34

    Dude you need to contact me this things hot.. I'm writing a nice song to it now

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    Tristan M. - 2015/07/03 18:41:20

    how much bro all of your beats are nice



R&B instrumental beat produced by Robin Wesley. Get this beat and more at inquiries:


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