Sarabande (George Frideric Handel).

Sarabande (George Frideric Handel)

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    El Somalia - 2016/05/25 00:48:42

    oh snap bruh, did not expect

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    tkfolio - 2014/06/12 21:08:45


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    tkfolio - 2014/06/12 21:07:57

    I play this on piano!!

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    Tony Duarte 3 - 2014/01/28 03:37:24

    What a beautiful haunting track.

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    elsalioness - 2011/09/28 18:12:13

    I have always loved this song. Play it on the piano. I love your instrumental and drums of this music. Thanks.



George Frideric Handel (1685–1759) was a great German composer, famous for his operas, concertos and oratorios (church music). One of his most famous compositions is "Sarabande in D Minor". "Sarabande" means "slow dance" and is one of my favorite music parts. This is my first effort to make a remake on a classical work, using both ambient and chillout styles. Video: www.youtube.com/watch?v=b5_IHiiYyi8


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